The world is so called the global village. We are becoming closer day to day from the different parts of the world through the computer and technology. We can communicate with the people of another part of the world within a moment with the help of computer or other types of digital device while it is impossible when we don’t have these types of device and technology. These devices that can make our life easier and comfortable are commonly known as the digital device. In this present time the marketing or shopping is not limited within the market or shopping mall it is also possible in the virtual world that means through the digital devices. The digital device can have the ability to connect with the internet and with the help of internet we can advertise our products or service and also provide the sale as well as service through the internet with the help of digital device.  The marketing or advertisement of your product and service through these types of digital device and technology is commonly known as digital marketing. MediacoBD provide also digital marketing course in Bangladesh that very effective for new be.

Why this is important in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is the growing sector of technology. Nowadays it is called the digital Bangladesh. Most of the citizen service is now available in internet. A large number of people use internet connection through mobile, computer, laptop and other types of similar device. Thus we can catch a large community in online thus online is the fertile sector for the development of your business. If you able to advertise your product in online then easily you can reach to your targeted customer. Online shopping is increasing in Bangladesh gradually so it is the need of time to spread your business into online. Thus digital marketing is important for getting expected sales of your products and service in Bangladesh.